About Rie

Hej, Welcome!

I'm so glad you came by.

My name is Rie, and I am the woman behind Rie's Originale. My cherry sauce adventure has just begun, but it actually all started a few years ago. Back then, I spent 1.5 years developing a, for me, perfect cherry sauce. The recipe is now better than ever and I'm insanely proud of it.

For Christmas in Denmark, we eat a rice pudding (risalamande) and a cold or slightly warm cherry sauce on top. And it's the cherry sauce this is all about. 

The truth is that I have never cared for cherry sauce. But by improving the regular store bought cherry sauces, I have come up with a recipe that I love!

So here you can find the cherry sauce and other really delicious ingredients for your 'risalamande'. You can also find recipes and inspiration for how to use the cherry sauce for other delicious food such as cheesecake.

For larger orders, company gifts or customer gifts, please write to me at hej@kirsebaersauce.dk.

Thank you so much for following along!